Food Service

Mama Mancini’s FoodService Division = Authentic Italian Family Meals – Made Easy.

Mama Mancini produces high-quality, nutritious Italian meals that are easily prepared, maximize the operators efficiency, eliminate shrink and provide a consistent meal experience.

We develop customized solutions for any type of food service operation including:
Chains, Independent Operators, Distributors, Commissaries, Colleges, Universities, Health & Elder Care, Business & Industry, C-Stores and more.




Key Attributes

Customized Solutions

High Quality


Clean Label

Easy to Prepare


Reasons to Buy MamaMancini's

  1. Convenient keep-fresh packaging
  2. No shrink frozen until used
  3. Easy to prepare with fool-proof build sheets
  4. Reduces labor cost and saves prep time
  1. Domestic USDA Protein Ingredients
  2. Level 2 SQF Production Facility
  3. Continual Quality Assurance
  4. On-Time Non-Shorting Orders Commitment

Combined Experience from our R&D Team and in-house Chefs

The MamaMancini’s in-house chefs collaborate with our R&D team to add value with new products that prioritize our commitment to sustainability and healthful ingredients. Product development starts with family recipes that were shared with Dan Mancini, co-founder, by his grandmother Anna (aka Mama Mancini).

Our facility is designed for both long production runs and for the small batches needed during the testing phase of development. We take great care in fine tuning ingredients and processes and run as many trials as it takes to find the right solution for your needs.

Our Products