Like Visiting Grandma Panini’s for Supper


I’m second generation American, 100% Italian heritage. I grew up having my Mom’s homemade meatballs and sauce just about every Sunday. Every once in a while, I have treated to my Grandfathers meatballs too different than my Mom’s but also terrific. Mom and Gramps have been gone too long and I’ve tried various Italian restaurants, including fine dining but have never been able to recapture that authentic taste, until trying Mama Mancini’s meatballs and sauce from my supermarket. I tried them once and was hooked. My 12-year-old son loves the flavor too. I’m a single dad who sometimes works late pick my son up from after school care, get home late and have to put a quick dinner on the table. It’s as easy as a loaf of good Italian bread, a little olive oil and maybe a nice salad and a pot of Mancini’s meatballs and sauce. This isn’t just the flavor of Italy, but I imagine it’s really the flavor of Brooklyn when the first waves of Italian immigrants were making their new home in New York. Having a meal with Mancini’s meatballs is like going back in time and being invited to Grandma Mancini’s house for Sunday “Supper.” I love them. They’re the perfect size for meatball hoagies. Slice a loaf of Italian bread lengthwise, spoon the cooked mini meatballs and sauce on, cover with some provolone or another favorite cheese and put it under the broiler until the cheese is bubbling. Add a little oregano, and slice into smaller portions. Or use the meatballs and sauce as the foundation for a more formal dinner with your favorite macaroni and a simple salad. You will enjoy this food. Highly recommended.