Better than meatballs from and “Italian” restaurant

04/17/15 –

I tried your beef meatballs today for the first time, and i had to express my opinion. I had low expectations, as every store purchased meatball that i have ever tasted was a complete disappointment. They either had too much breading or had that strange freezer taste. Your meatballs exhibited neither. In fact, your frozen meatballs were better than most meatballs that i have tasted at “Italian” restaurants. I also respect your integrity by not following the “pre-made meal script” by adding excessive salt and sugar to make your product taste better. I can tell who sold their soul–with one taste. Mama Mancini’s did not sell out.

Winn Dixie in St Pete FL had a BOGO on your product. That is the only reason i purchased your product. As a frequent frozen food section shopper, Stouffer’s is the king, but for now on, I will also look for Mama Mancini’s products.

In summary, frozen food is not very good. Your frozen food is very good. thank you.

– Wayne