Beans and Garlic

Beans and GarlicSo, let me tell you about these beans.
Last night I put some beans in a bowl to soak overnight to make beans n garlic.
This is one of those recipes that a photo does not do it justice unless you photo shop it or food style it and I don’t photo shop or food style, I prefer to show a photo the way a recipe actually looks. I was not gonna post this recipe but they tasted so darn good and reminded me of being in my Grandmothers home so I figured I should just post it.


  1. Get the beans ready for cooking buy soaking over night then simmering them covered in chicken stock till tender, mine took an hour.
  2. In a skillet cook some bacon or pancetta in some olive oil, then add sliced garlic and a lot of it.
  3. Once it’s golden brown and the bacon is done scoop the beans from the stock and add then to the skillet with about one cup of the liquid the beans were simmering in. Add some salt n pepper to taste and bring this to a boil and lower the heat. I let the liquid reduce by half then I finish with some olive oil and more salt n pepper.

The photo does not do this dish justice but it’s so good. If you want, you could also saut√© some greens with the garlic then go on to adding the beans but I wanted it just the way it was and it was delicious.
Daniel Mancini